Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mid-Summer's Dream

With the cool summer we've had, I suppose we could be forgiven for our low expectations regarding the garden. Plants seemed as though they'd never grow taller than our knees, vines would creep along centimeter by centimeter. I would say inch by inch, but it was not that fast. We coaxed them along, even when our new neighbor seemed bent on destroying our garden by tuckpointing his entire building. We replaced soil, adjusted pH levels, added manure (which made us extremely popular with the rest of the tenants). It did not seem promising. At the beginning of July, however, the first blossoms started to appear, and it seemed as though we might get a little reward for our efforts.

It was shocking though to see peppers go from blossom to this:

in only a couple of weeks. Needless to say, we are excited that there is fruit sitting on all of our plants, from the first tomato at marble size:

to clusters waiting for the ripening sun, and a nice caprese salad.

Maybe the cool weather made our plants hardier, maybe it just made us appreciate what actually has come to fruition. Regardless, we now know patience is a virtue when dealing with our garden. I will not underestimate the power of sun, soil and seed again. And if you're lucky enough, we will be sharing seeds with all of you this winter. Save a sunny spot in the yard.

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