Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Scandinavian New Year

In the past couple of years, it's become a tradition of ours to spend New Year's Eve cuddled at home leisurely sipping some bubbles and making a special dish we wouldn't normally think to make. In choosing a recipe, we also have come to embrace the theme and/or tradition of the culture in which the dish comes. Last year we went Greek with Moussaka paired with Retsina wine, made from pine tree resin (it was a valiant effort, but we quickly switched to some nice bubbly Cremant). However, the full on bechamel, lamb, roasted eggplant moussaka I can still taste it a year later, and in truth, although time consuming and labor intensive, it was really fun to make.

This year, without knowing it, we tossed around both our English and Danish backgrounds for recipe ideas. While enjoying a traditional Harvey's Bristol Cream with my father on Christmas, we decided on a traditional Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding English feast would be the choice. - not to mention our fondness for Jamie Oliver. As the day has drawn near - we have been hemming and hawing, not getting too excited about the whole thing. Then it really came to us - a Scandinavian feast! Perfect for the full moon that falls on this New Year's Eve. Light, fresh and clean. Truly a great way to start off the new decade. While the actual dishes have not been determined, we have turned to one of our fave PBS cooking shows, Scand Cooks for some inspiration. Stay tuned and Godt Nytår!

Images via The Scandinavian Cookbook
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