Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sweet Smarts

How clever and adorable are these hanging mobiles?! Coming to us from the lovey LA based stationery shop, Urbanic, these decorations are simply twine and cupcake liners. One of those, 'wish i had thought of that before' moments. Sweetness.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Stitching Pretty

Whether it's a cocktail party or wedding, it's nice to have an alternative to towering floral displays - especially those that can be reused and redesigned with different themes. We were floored after flipping through the latest Martha Stewart Weddings issue to find something we had never seen before (yes, apparently that exists)...embroidery hoops used as table cards, chair numbers and hanging decor. This idea really couldn't be any sweeter and most importantly, versatile. While MSW went with a 'Bohemian Chic' look here, we could see this idea transformed to any aesthetic from romantic formal, chic outdoor, all the way to downtown modern. There are countless sizes of embroidery rings that can be found at any local craft or fabric store, boundless textile choices or take it one step further by designing your own fabric with Spoonflower, an online custom fabric printer (with no minimum it!). See the project here.

Images via Martha Stewart Weddings

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fine Line

Found the most amazing chocolate from Fine & Raw at last years Indie Wed event. Not only were we drawn to the name (naturally), but after one try of the cacao and coconut bon bon we were smitten. Based in Brooklyn, Fine & Raw's creators yearned of a chocolate that was loaded with health benefits while still being considered a gourmet product. Using conscious ingredients and innovative low heat techniques to keep the chocolate's raw vitality and flavor, they developed their line of agave and coconut sweetened raw confections. To say that Fine & Raw chocolates are addicting would be an understatement, they are intoxicating. So fine!

Images via Fine & Raw

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Print Hungry

Look familiar? Hopefully you were awake during Geography class, and can see the state of Michigan as a sunny side up egg...if not, let's just say you're hungry. The bestselling Michigan print is just one of all 52 states in the series, The United Plates, designed by John Holcomb of Short Handed Studio. Some of our favorites include South Dakota (shown below), Alabama, DC, Georgia, Iowa and Maryland - but who are we kidding, they are all inspired. See the whole collection at Short Handed Studio's website.

Images via Short Handed Studio

Monday, June 7, 2010

Swooning for Succulents

Hardy and gorgeous, we have always adored succulents. Researching and thinking about doing a 'living wall' of these beauties. Loving the great, low maintenance ideas and step by step from Sunset. Also perfect for weddings...a fresh spin on table settings, bouquets and boutonnieres.

Photos via Sunset, Apartment Therapy, Once Wed

Friday, June 4, 2010

Cheese + Print = Love

Received this incredible (and incredibly useful) print from a friend who knows our extreme weakness for cheese. The designer, Lucy Knisley, is an illustrator raised by foodies, and native of NYC now living in Chicago. She recently published her first book, French Milk (how adorable?!), which tells the story about a girl living (and eating) in Paris with her mother. We love her sweet and varied work, see the current sampling here.

Image Shown: Lucy Knisley Cheese Print, Purchased at Renegade Craft Chicago

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Get it Because it's HOT!

Since it's summer - yes, it's here, not officially, but c'mon, it's June - we have been getting into more refreshing beverages with fruit, ice, herbs, and well, let's be honest here, liquor. Summer cocktail concoctions have arrived. With the exciting discovery of the elusive Blenheim Ginger Ale, we have been making some lovely discoveries like the Moscow Mule and Sweet Lucy, which both incorporate ginger ale (or ginger beer) and our favorite summer addition of fresh lime.

Great spirits are important (we love Hendricks for gin, Buffalo Trace for bourbon, and Vikingfjord for vodka), but the key, really, is the ginger ale. There are some good artisan ginger ales and beers out there; Cock & Bull, Reed's, Maine Root and I'm sure many, many other regional favorites that I wish I knew. However, the best we've found that literally 'knocks our socks off' is Blenheim. It's spicy, peppery, truly gingery taste is unparalleled. The one drawback is that it's incredibly hard to find, so when you do come across this lovely libation, be sure to snap as much as you can up. Check out the official site for all the lore, and be sure to check out their blog for new recipes and great stories.

Images via Martha Stewart, Green Olive Media

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