Friday, January 8, 2010

New decade!

We have successfully recovered from what was a lovely New Year's Eve - ending what was not our favorite year to date. The Scandinavian feast went well, although our resident seven year old "kid" Buddy the border collie mix had a memorable beginning to the new decade with a full belly of Gravlax. We decided that the Omega-3's were good for him and left it at that. Lucky dog.

We did manage to push through and enjoy ourselves with a fantastic Rose Cremant, Quilette oysters and blackberries. Very civilized with some CNN times square coverage, a full blue moon, sparklers, and Van Morrison.

The first weekend of the year was spent with a major organization & cleaning session of our terribly over sized closed (it has it's pros and cons). It had become somewhat of a mess to say the least, and it was time to clean it up - and we did....for the whole weekend, with a few televised sports games intermixed, joy. Since 2009 was not our 'fave' year as I mentioned, we decided that a jambalaya with smoked chicken sausage, stewed tomatoes, gala apple, onion, amber ale, and of course the good luck of black eyed peas said to bring prosperity in the new year and was perfect for the chilly weekend.

So all in all, a great start to the new year, the new decade. We all need any luck we can get these days, but it's enough to just be - which is a lot easier with a clean closet!

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