Friday, October 8, 2010


Been pretty light on the blogging lately, with no great excuse or flourish - just plain old life getting in the way, leaving me not much time to report on all the little lovelies I come across on a daily basis. Have to change that.

The Mr. did manage to snap a few shots of a sweet little layer cake I whipped up earlier this summer for my grandmother's birthday. I was sure the Pink Lady Cake from favorite blog Smitten Kitchen was THE one when I was searching for the perfect celebration cake for this special day. Needless to say, we only got a few shots and none of the finished product. Have to get better about that too. In this case, we were way too busy sneaking every last bit of that ridiculously delicious cream cheese frosting. Oh. Yes.

And, speaking of Smitten Kitchen and my adoration for food blogs in general, it looks like a certain someone shares the same affinity. GOOP, the lifestyle newsletter from Gwenyth Paltrow released a who's who of food blogs, to which I wholeheartedly approve - and could go on and on adding to the list. SO much talent out there - with the movers and shakers attending this week's BlogHer Food conference in San Francisco.

I'm off to enjoy what's shaping up to be an absolutely heavenly weekend weather-wise. October picnic here we come - In my mind I'll look like this gorgeously crisp + romantic photo from photographer extrodinarie Roland Bello. Happy weekending!

Images via fine & lovely, Roland Bello

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